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Top Features

Make the most out of your gameplay and optimize your workflow by using all of our features

Highlight Detector: Our advanced AI will process your stream and find all of your best moments, automatically.

Smart Edits: Our AI can do more than just find clips. Let your plays shine through by using our AI Smart Editing tools. (Coming Soon)

Clip Dashboard: Access all clips from your stream, fast. No more sleepless nights going through VODs to find that one sick play.

Performance: No software means your PC can focus on what matters. Sit back, relax and enjoy a silky smooth gaming experience.

Lightweight: No software means no download and no storage occupation.

Share Your Voice: Easily share the best version of yourself on social media. Quick exports mean no more wasting time manually posting on these platforms.

Creators vouch for us

Framedrop is a great tool for Content Creators. It helped me find and promote highlights of my live streams faster!


Innovative and easy to use. Framedrop is a great platform to farm clips without the hassle of manually clipping your cool shots on your own.


I was able to save time getting highlights from my streams using Framedrop, without installing third-party apps. Framedrop is a game-changer!

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Other Supported Games

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What is Framedrop?

Framedrop is a clip creation tool and platform. Through AI we identify a stream’s highlights and automatically clip them in a matter of minutes. This means no more long nights going through VODs or timestamping moments during the stream. We want you to focus on what you love, creating content.

How do I use Framedrop?

Using Framedrop is as easy as it gets. Simply get the URL of the VOD you want us to process and, after waiting a few minutes for the video to be processed, select the clip you want to export. That's it.

Is Framedrop free?

We want to make it easier for all streamers to get their best plays out there. As such, Framedrop is and will always be free. All paid features will work as extras to the core tool that is Framedrop.

Do I have to download any software?

None at all! We want streamers to have the best performance possible while doing what they love. That means having as little background programs running as possible. We process the video for you which means that there isn’t a need to download any software. Every frame is crucial.

What other games do you support?

Currently we support League of Legends, Valorant, Rocket League, Apex Legends and COD: Warzone 2. We want to continuously add more games and, if you have any suggestions, make sure to join the conversation and let us know in our Discord server.

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